Maria Flores

King Middle School

Our nominee is dedicated, resourceful, and has a true understanding of students in need. She is an asset, not only to our school, but the many students blessed enough to cross her path.  Starting out as a Teacher's Assistant and then moving to the Dean's secretary, she is now in charge of our In-School Suspension (ISS) program.  In addition, she unselfishly volunteers when and where needed and tutors struggling students.  In ISS, she makes sure the students complete their assignments.  For her, this goes beyond supervision-it is a matter of making sure each child receives the one-on-one attention needed.  She is relentlessly positive and always has a good day whenever you ask her. She can convince you that ISS is the place to be at our school. Her persistence benefits students  with improvements in both academics and attitude.  Motivating, encouraging, listening, and most importantly caring are just a few words that help describe her and explain why she wins the hearts of those she encounters.  Not looking at it as just a "job," our nominee takes ownership in her obligation by finding good and hope in even the toughest students.