Deborah Hawthorne

Jay Elementary

If I had to describe our nominee in a few words, they would be "do right," "make sure it is right," "it has to be right," and "I want it right."    She continuously strives to ensure that every detail has been taken into account.  She leaves no stones unturned.  It is on rare occasions that she would give answers such as "I think that may be right," or I believe this is all right."  No sir.  Our nominee would not rest well having given a response like that.  A few moments of time with her, and one would realize that she could have written the book on efficiency.  In addition to her being remarkably efficient, she is completely reliable, and extremely trustworthy.  I would be confident that I could place my life in her hands if need be--actually, I guess I sort of do that every day.  She greets everyone with a smile, and she shows tremendous concern for her fellow workers. Through her thoughtfulness, she is able to lift the spirits of everyone she touches.  We are thrilled and proud to have her represent our school as our 2010 School Related Employee of the Year.