Lillie Gurski

Holley-Navarre Primary School

When an employee readily accepts changes in assignments every year or two, and then excels at all of them, teachers and administrators recognize and appreciate that person. Lillie has been assigned to different teachers, different offices, and different jobs as the school staffing and demographics have changed. She learns her new roles quickly, performs them exceptionally well, and quickly earns the respect of the staff, students, and parents she serves. In the classroom, she is patient, compassionate, and willing to do anything she is asked to do. In the front office, she handled children, parents, and callers with utmost courtesy, respect, and professionalism. Our nominee adapts to last-minute requests to cover for others without complaint or hesitation. She is perfectly punctual to all her assignments. Her quality of work can be described as impeccable. She is efficient, accurate, and organized. She respects the confidentiality and sensitivity of information about children, and repeats only the positive. Lillie takes pride in her family, her job, her school, her community, and her country. She truly represents the best in our school system.