Marcie Novotny

Holley-Navarre Middle

Our SREY goes above and beyond her assigned duties.  She quickly volunteers to help when we need duties covered. She comes up with helpful ideas when a problem arises.  She has been on our SAC committee and PTSA.  She currently is on our PBS and Safety Committees.  She is rarely out and always punctual.  She comes up over holiday breaks to water our ESE garden when school is out.  She prepares IEP progress reports each nine weeks and also helps by making copies, keeping an accurate ESE caseload list, completing paperwork and covering our classes while we attend meetings. She assists students with homework, making up tests and academic support.  She is a math wizard and loves to help students with their math!!  Always dependable, you can count on her to complete anything assigned in a timely manner.  She gets along well with staff and students love her.  She participates in various in-service workshops including on Saturdays.  You can count on her to make you smile especially when things are tense.  She looks on the bright side of life whether she is working or playing.   She is a pleasure to work with.