Phyllis Legg

Holley Navarre Intermediate

Our nominee started her career with Santa Rosa County District Schools in 1996 with the extended day care program. Later she was hired as an ESE Teacher Assistant working with Pre K students. Currently, she is a Teacher Assistant working with our 4th grade teachers and students. For the past14 years she had maintained a consistent level of performance, a level that most can only dream of.  She had been defined by prior administrators as professional, dependable, self motivated, and committed. The definition that fits her best is committed. She is committed to her faith, her family, and to education. She is always quick to respond when someone needs help and she never complains.  Her commitment to life was tested when she overcame a life changing illness that most would have died from, all the time thinking of others. Today she is truly a testament to what commitment to education is all about. We give to your our little "princess" as our School Related Employee of the Year.