Lynne Ratte

Gulf Breeze Middle

Once upon a time, there was a fetching red headed lass who, fortunately for this school, ended up managing the front desk! As a certified English teacher who helped out by taking a long term substitute job, she got to know the school and really liked the front office. Some think she actually lives here as she comes in early and stays late! She voluntarily attends Open House to man the intercom. Speaking of intercoms ...... on Friday mornings before our morning ITV production, our gal turns into a DJ and plays a motivational CD and gets the students in a positive frame of mind. As .a very civic minded sort, our candidate has been a baseball booster, on our Literacy Committee, sings in her church choir, and even brought in her Australian musical instrument, the didgeridoo, to demonstrate for our World Cultures students. She plays the piano by ear and has entertained the elderly and others. Our candidate has an incredible memory and knows most of our students by name and their parents. She also has an amazing amount of patience and smiles all the time. Once she joined our school family, we all lived happily ever after.