Carolyn Brown

Gulf Breeze Elementary

For 24 years, she has remained undeniably committed to her work of serving our children and teachers, in a most hard-working, efficient, pleasant manner.  Her tireless efforts and quiet smile are quickly recognized and appreciated by everyone who has the privilege of working with her on a daily basis.  No task is too great or too small. Whether itís helping students locate and checkout books, decorating the library with charming bulletin boards and displays, or navigating computer software programs for A.R. and Destiny, she takes it all in stride and performs these tasks with perfection and grace.  This year, with additional workloads throughout the county, she not only continues to assist part-time in the library but also provides assistance to all of our first grade teachersó supporting them in a multitude of waysówith-out question or complaint. She has such a calming, positive, and encouraging effect on our students and is a work force multiplier for our staff.  Her work ethic and professionalism set a high standard admired by all.  Her love of students and staff shows forth all hours of the day and beyond. She is most deserving of this recognition.