Mary Jane Dunlap

Food Service

We all know it is tough for a hungry child to learn.  They have shorter attention spans and suffer more absences due to illnesses caused by lack of good nutrition.  Mary Jane works tirelessly to make sure our county’s 26,000 plus gifted students receive a nutritious school breakfast and lunch.  She works one on one with thousands of families to make sure they understand and if qualified take advantage of free and reduced meal programs. She is the districts "go to" person for advice on complex federal, state and local free and reduced meal programs. With the downturn in the economy, she has helped thousands of families enroll and qualify their children in school breakfast and lunch.  Additionally, she was instrumental in implementing a brand new web based free/reduced application.  Parents can now apply from any were at any time. When parents have questions about their child's food service mealpay account, they call Mary Jane.  It always seems when you do a good job, you get more work.  Mary Jane continues to get more work. She helped develop and implement a brand new federal commodity tracking program. This helps track ˝ million dollars in federal monies. When hardware crashes or software stops on over 120 department computers, she meets the challenge with grace and energy and solves the problem. In addition, she process tens of thousands of invoices totaling over 4 million dollars that pay vendors and keeps our cafeterias humming.  She is an extraordinary employee, versatile, enthusiastic with ceaseless energy.  She is active in the community and a strong leader in the state. She represents Santa Rosa County as the Employee/Manager Section Chair in our state Florida School Nutrition Association and is a certified food service professional with the national School Nutrition Association.  Mary Jane is a cornerstone of our program and a significant reason for its success.