Brian Reese

Data Processing

Motivated, conscientious and service oriented, our nominee actively looks for ways to make things run better.  The go to person on Email matters, he was instrumental in achieving nearly 100% uptime for our Email servers.  He implemented a semi-annual review of staff accounts greatly improving the accuracy of our Active Directory and Email systems.  In coordination with 34 schools/sites he upgraded Anti-Virus on 11,000 workstations and servers.  The upgrade required several weeks to complete, and was done outside school hours to avoid classroom disruptions.  His actions helped avoid any major computer virus outbreak and significantly contributed to the availability and reliability of computers for our staff and students. He is also very involved in the community and enjoys working with kids.  For the past 12 years he has been a fixture at Milton High School band activities.  This past year, even with no children attending the school, he devoted over 175 hours assisting with chaperoning, setup at competitions and field trips, plus one 5 day trip with 100 students to Orlando. These are just some highlights; our nominee on a daily basis strives to serve the members of our district and community with the absolute highest level of service possible.