Sue Stetler

Central School

Our SREY nominee is simply an outstanding employee. She performs numerous daily tasks with superb accountability and organization. Although her primary responsibility is school book keeper, she performs numerous additional tasks that facilitate the smooth operation of our school. She has demonstrated exemplary interpersonal skills in communicating with our students, parents and teachers. She is innovative in her approach to resolving the various issues that arise on a daily basis. She is conscientious in following established policies and procedures, but has an understanding nature that is helpful in enabling teachers/students progress through the complexities of our financial rules and regulations. If she lacks the requisite knowledge or expertise to solve a problem, she is proactive in acquiring the needed information from all available resources. We are certainly thankful to have someone so competent and knowledgeable to handle the financial operations of our school. This employee goes well beyond the call of duty to insure her responsibilities are met efficiently and effectively. This individual loves our school and its students.