Patricia Jernigan

Chumuckla Elementary

Our School Related Employee of the year is a nominee that is well loved and respected by all staff and students.  As she reaches each bus stop in the morning, she greets her students with a bright smile and a warm greeting that seems to lift the studentís spirits and sets a good tone for the students for a successful day.  The students that ride her bus know that she is tough and consistent with the behavior she expects them to display on her bus.  They also know that she loves and cares for them and treats them each with respect and grandmotherly concern.  Our nominee regularly goes above and beyond to support our efforts at our school.  She provides transportation for our tutoring students and each year willingly provides summer school transportation.  She always steps up to the plate when others will not.  She is reliable, dependable and consistent, rarely missing a day of work.  Our staff and students know they can count on this nominee.  She is a phenomenal representative of our school and Santa Rosa County.