Jessica Foster

Bennett C. Russell Elementary School

Jessica was nominated by not just one, but three of her peers.  When asked why they nominated her, her co-workers replied unanimously that she is "committed to her job, enjoys what she does, is always willing to help others, is dependable, is always patient with the children with whom she works, always has something positive to say, is always willing to help no matter what she is asked to do, is at work each day and arrives early, and is always positive."  Another added, "and she makes me laugh too!"  Jessica works with ESE students in a K-1 VE class which can be quite a challenge at times.  She patiently works with them in a small group setting with their math, reading, spelling, and writing.  She does everything from tying on smocks during art to helping them with their lunch in the cafeteria.  No matter what the classroom teacher may need, she is right there to lend a hand.  When she finds a co-worker could use help, she is the first to volunteer.  As one of her peers stated, "Even under stress she has a smile on her face and goes with the flow!"