Doug Enfinger

Avalon Middle School

Doug is efficient, effective and highly competent. He arrives early to print substitutes class rosters, load absentee call-ins & email ISS list to begin on a positive note. His knowledge of the Smart Student System and attention to detail attributed to a 50% decrease in the time processing new student schedules. Before loading student data, he checks perimeters like course numbers and class size restrictions. He updates attendance as students check in/out and tracks credits for students who do not successfully complete 3 year credits for core subject areas. He checks student's shot records and makes sure they meet Florida law.  Doug reviews FTE reports and corrects the master schedule so all student FTEs are counted. He generate reports for Administration and is able to identify a student's full name with the stroke of a key when the only information given is the student's/parents' first name.  As the bookkeeper's back-up, he receipts monies collected and deposits it, maintains the school credit cards, and reconciles visa. Doug serves on the SAC and provides valuable insight to Administration/the Dean/ Guidance. He is a team player & makes a mean cup of coffee.