Ed Support Employees of the Year 2009 | Santa Rosa


School Related Employees of the Year Nominees

Sandy King

Judy O'Mary | AMS

Rebecca Rummel | BES

Sandy King

Admin Support Complex

Judy O'Mary

Avalon Middle

Rebecca Rummel

Bagdad Elementary

Cindy Lacey | BRE

Steve Sutherland

Bonnie Forrest | BHE

Cindy Lacey

Bennett Russell

Steve Sutherland

Berryhill Admin Complex

Bonnie Forrest

Berryhill Elementary

Sharon Threet

Megan Holland | CHS

 Alice Cody | CES

Sharon Threet

Canal Street Offices

Megan Holland

Central High

Alice Cody

Chumuckla Elementary

Traycie Johnson

Ronnie Wade

Lori Weekley | EME

Traycie Johnson

Community School

Ronnie Wade

Data Processing

Lori Weekley

East Milton Elementary

Ginny Papizza | GBE

Sharon Lang | GBH

Catherine Sharp | GBM

Ginny Papizzo
Gulf Breeze Elementary
Sharon Lang
Gulf Breeze High
Catherine Sharp
Gulf Breeze Middle

Cynthia Schad | HMS

Linda Nelson | HNI

Tamy Gazoo | HNM

Cynthia Schad

Hobbs Middle

Linda Nelson

Holley-Navarre Intermediate

Tamy Gazoo

Holley-Navarre Middle

Connie Potts | HNP

Nelda White | JES

Jennifer Gunn | JHS

Connie Potts

Holley-Navarre Primary

Nelda White

Jay Elementary

Jennifer Gunn

Jay High

Kathie Lewis | KMS

Jennifer Hines | LTC

Katrina Roberts | MHS

Kathie Lewis

King Middle

Jennifer Hines

Locklin Tech

Katrina Roberts

Milton High

Kelly Archer | MES

Tana Varner | NHS

Tina Lee | OBE

Kelly Archer
Munson Elementary
Tana Varner
Navarre High
Tina Lee
Oriole Beach Elementary

Chris Vance | PHS

Melody O'Kelly | PRE

Patty West | SMS

Chris Vance

Pace High

Melody O'Kelley

Pea Ridge Elementary

Patty West

Sims Middle

Renee Caraway | SSDI

Barbara Baker | SSDP

Christine Wyatt | TRJ

Renee Caraway

SS Dixon Intermediate

Barbara Baker

SS Dixon Primary

Christine Wyatt

TR Jackson Pre-K Center

Lisa Secondine | WNI

 Amy Eastwood | WNP

 Sherry Gibson | WBM

Lisa Secondine

West Navarre Intermediate

Amy Eastwood

West Navarre Primary

Sherry Gibson

 Woodlawn Beach Middle

The Employee of the Year banquet will be held on February 20, 2009, 6:30 PM at Sikes Hall, NAS Whiting Field.

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