Connie Willoughby
Secretary I
West Navarre Primary School

Even the S.W.A.T Team isn’t a challenge Connie.  In a very intense few minutes she proved she can handle an irate parent and a lobby full of kindergarteners with a smile and good judgment, even while hanging up on the principal when the S.W.A.T team arrived.  She is spunky, energetic and always cheerful even when firmness is required.  As the first contact visitors see she makes a terrific welcoming first impression.  There is never a dull moment at the front desk of a primary school.  With constant ringing of phones and with revolving door parents, her focus is always on the CHILDREN.  Connie manages to turn tears into celebrations whether a lost tooth, a skinned knee or a head full of lice, she makes rainy days sunny and children smile all day long. She is as nurturing to the children at WNP as she is to her daughters.  Children are often brought back by bus drivers because no one was home to collect them; she’ll stay as late as necessary or drive them home.  She is a volleyball coach for 11-13 year olds, team mom for her girl’s softball teams and a WNP Relay for Life Team Member.