Regina Marek
Teacher Assistant
West Navarre Intermediate

Head Recycling Ranger is what our nominee is called by many of the children at our school!  She started a club this year for the children in her emotionally handicapped class and they have blossomed under this umbrella of recognition by their schoolmates and community.  What makes our nominee amazing is because of special celebrations, such as bringing in a computer game to surprise Josh because the day before he shared, "My Mom has never ever given me a surprise like other moms do."  He will NEVER forget that special surprise!  Sharing jokes with the children has even paid dividends for her!  One joke, "Why did the teddy bear skip dinner? Because he was already stuffed!" was printed in Reader's Digest.  The student beamed and our nominee received $100 that was promptly spent providing items for the class treasure box. Teaching CPR/AED classes, making sure time is spent each day with Manny to make him feel important, ensuring that Brian's anger is defused before he leaves the cafeteria, home visits to Allen and a happy call to Clayton's "Papa" are all just a sampling of why our nominee defines the ideal employee.