Kellie Andujar
Teacher Assistant II
Woodlawn Beach Middle School

The only thing Kellie will shy away from is praise for herself. Whatever the task, whatever the sacrifice, she is willing to make it for the sake of the children and doesn't think compliments or thanks are necessary because it is just part of her job. She works with students with exceptionalities, including those with physical disabilities and presents herself as a model for the other assistants. Not only does she admirably display the skills she has acquired in her seven years as an assistant to the faculty and staff, her students can plainly see she is quite able to provide them with the assistance and techniques they need to reach their goals. She takes advantage of different classes that are available to not only improve her skills but that will provide her with techniques students can use. Kellie can communicate students' needs to both parents and teachers in a way that exhibits her insightful knowledge of the situation at hand. Parents and staff are always comfortable speaking with her. In the time she has been at our school, she has been devoted to the students and the school in a manner that is clearly apparent to all who know her.