Dianne Hall
Operations Supervisor
Transportation Department

Dianne Hall being a product of the Santa Rosa County School System has done very well for herself.  Upon graduating entered the Navy for several years.  Dianne met her husband in the Navy and with completion of their tours returned to Santa Rosa County to start a family.  In 1998 took a job driving a school bus for Laidlaw Education Service.  Dianne applied for the posted job of computerized router and got the job.  After working through all the positions in the routing department to routing supervisor decided to change paths.  Dianne asked to be considered for operations.  Not having an opening in operations management, selected to fill the part-time dispatchers job and the rest of her day with the Driver Development and Safety Department.  I found Dianne to be a very willing learner in either application. When the Operations Supervisor's position opened, Dianne applied and got the job. Dianne has applied herself in anything she tries to do and overseeing the Milton Area school bus operations is no exception. Dianne works well with everyone.