Melody Hinson
Teacher Assistant
Sims Middle School

Melody is an elite, unique individual who has endured students hitting, kicking, biting, and bruising her.  Yet, through all of this, she keeps a smile on her face while assuring that every child is unconditionally loved.  She has worked extensively with mentally and physically handicapped students during teacher transitions and maintained the stability that is so greatly needed in the classroom.  She has filled in the gap by purchasing shoes and clothing from her own pocket for needy children.

I have witnessed this Angel give her own lunch to a child in need that she didn't even know.  My words can not even begin to do justice for my friend and her efforts to prepare her precious 'young'uns' for this big old world.  she strives to see each child progress toward his or her full potential.  Watching her is like watching a mother eagle guarding, loving, and teaching her young eaglets, preparing them for life, because with her in their nest, they will learn to fly.