Melody Bell
Internal Funds Bookkeeper
Rhodes Elementary School

Melody is very conscientious, well organized and efficient.  She anticipates things that need to be done and does them in a professional manner.  She always does more than is expected of her. She comes in early and stays late each day to make sure she completes her assigned tasks.  Melody is always ready and willing to pitch in and help anyone who may need assistance.  No job is too big for her.  It is not uncommon to see her pushing a cart of textbooks or taking teacher materials to the classrooms.

Her love of children is evident in the way she treats the students.  She is always encouraging them and giving them hugs for a job well done. She is always looking out for them and is known to have a cabinet filled with snacks in case someone does not have one. She has two children who attend our school and she is very active in their classroom activities.  She is always friendly while making the parents feel welcome at our school.