Ellen Atchison
Pace High

Cheerful, caring and creative, Ellen is an asset to our school in so many ways.  She faces new challenges with enthusiasm and adapts to new responsibilities with ease and accuracy.  She is a gifted artist and has used this gift to enhance many of the areas on campus.  She uses her keen decorating sense to add finesse to special school events.  Her positive attitude serves as an inspiration to others. 

In July of 2005, her office was completely destroyed by Hurricane Dennis.  She readily tackled the job of picking up the pieces and starting over.  Then she went the extra mile, helping with the clean-up and reorganization necessary in other damaged areas.  Possessing a wonderful sense of humor and a gracious persona, she is a pleasure to all those who work beside her.  Her co-workers value her proven abilities and have shown their appreciation for this special lady by choosing her as the recipient of this honored award.