Lori Stokes
Food Service Manager
Pea Ridge Elementary School

Rachael Ray and Lori have a lot in common. These ladies have a "Can Do" attitude, they look for simple solutions and they both squeeze the most out of every day.

Lori leads her crew by example and is admired and respected for it.  She has a servant's heart and is constantly looking for ways to make life better for others.  Whether she is providing laundry service for Disaster Relief workers or caring for special needs patients who were sheltered during the storm, Lori give it her all.  This lady led a drive to collect donations totaling over $800 for a coworker who was hospitalized and unable to come to work.

Lori is a child magnet, giving and receiving hugs as she goes about her job.  Faculty and staff members sing her praises daily for the little extras she provides for the adults.  If Lori collaborated with Rachael Ray to write a cookbook it would have to conclude with 'YUM-O"!