Gwynn Smith
Internal Funds Bookkeeper
Munson Elementary School

Gwynn was nominated based on the skillful performance of her duties at a very high level. She provides excellent service to students, parents and employees. Her job involves many duties and responsibilities.  In other schools most of these responsibilities are carried out by many employees. She is the school secretary, bookkeeper, data entry clerk, health tech, PTO Treasurer and serves on several school committees.  Gwynn exhibits outstanding interpersonal and professional skills on the job as well as in the community. She displays exemplary leadership abilities through active participation in school and community activities and by making decisions effectively and diplomatically. She utilizes inservice training to consistently improve and develop her skills. Gwynn contributes to the students, school and community each day by creating positive relationships with parents, students, co-workers and community members.  She is a valuable asset to our school and community. Her positive attitude, pleasing personality and dedication to her job is what makes her a vitally important part of our staff.