Kathie Lewis
Internal Funds Bookkeeper
King Middle School

Dedicated, hard-working, reliable, wonderful, sympathetic, funny, and intelligent are just a few adjectives I would use to describe Kathie.  She is our bookkeeper and is often under pressure yet still finds time to fill every request, answer every question, and meet every need brought to her attention.  Earlier this year her brother battled terminal cancer and then passed away.  She would go to the hospital during the day and then come in and work through the night at school to make sure her responsibilities were not neglected.   As a new administrator, I walked in my first day not knowing anyone and feeling overwhelmed.  Kathie welcomed me with open arms, helped me set up my office, armed me with every supply and office gadget she thought I might need, found a yearbook so that I could learn the names of our faculty & staff, and she still continues to answer my many questions daily.  In spite of dealing with her brother's death, having an autistic daughter at home and losing everything in Hurricane Ivan, she still has a smile on her face and is the best bookkeeper and employee in our county!