Sandy Geck
Teacher Assistant
Jay Elementary

She is one that hasn’t been a part of the team very long, but she already has become a dedicated team member. If you are looking for the player that supports the team, encourages and possesses the “We Can Get It Done” attitude, runs the race full force, and is always looking for a way to make sure every player has a smile on their face, then look no farther! Picking up items from teachers on hall duty, the artistic ability she contributes to bulletin boards, the creativity she adds to newsletters, the beauty of table decorations for the retirement committee and the creation/maintenance of our School’s Web Site are just a few examples of her many talents. She devotes the latter part of the day to assisting our school bookkeeper with deposits, receipts, and other bookkeeping duties. This is the team member everyone dreams of having on their team; the one who comes in with a smile each day, cheering the team on, and the one that will go the extra mile to bring the team to the winner’s box.