Debbie Caudill
Teacher Assistant
Holley Navarre Intermediate

A stick of dynamite comes in a small package but when placed in the right location it can make a huge impact.  At 4'8 1/2", she is our school's stick of dynamite!

Since arriving, she has performed tasks in every area of the school even though her official title is "Copy Chic".  She is a vital support to our school health tech; she performs duties on the bus ramp, cafeteria, media center and front office.  she arrives early and stays late on a daily basis.  Her level of high energy is unsurpassed by her co-workers.  She takes on all tasks with a smile and produces an exemplary outcome.  Often we are entertained with a variety of music coming from the copy room.

She is fluent in Spanish, helps Spanish speaking parents with enrollment and in parent conferences, and provides communication home on all important school events.  In addition, she also teaches Spanish to our 5th grade gifted students.

She is a true asset to our school and to Santa Rosa county District Schools.  She has gained the respect of everyone she encounters