Priscilla McGee
Food Service Worker
Gulf Breeze Elementary

As a food service worker with our team since September, 2000, Priscilla has proved to be a team player and a valuable asset to our school.  Not only dependable and hard-working, she also shows initiative by going beyond her job duties.  Recently, when our manager and most of the cafeteria crew were out, she oversaw the entire cafeteria serving operation herself-ensuring everything was run efficiently and that our 700 children enjoyed their regular lunch without missing a beat.

Priscilla is always thoughtful and helpful.  When a teacher assistant learned that someone in a kindergarten class had forgotten to bring cookies that the class was supposed to decorate for a party, our nominee jumped in and made sure they had enough cookies so the kids could go ahead with their party.

Priscilla's sweet disposition and welcoming smile makes working with her a pleasure.  She is truly an important part of our school's family.