Tracy Hoard
Teacher Assistant
East Milton Elementary

Tracy is a major factor in the overall success of the school. Whatever is asked is done, and not with just a "lick and a promise" but with incredible efficiency and dedication. She began her career with the Santa Rosa County District Schools as a bus driver many years ago and did a phenomenal job, maintaining a safe and happy environment for her little "travelers". But she soon realized that it was inside the school itself where she would be most needed and have a greater day-to-day impact on children.

She was first certified as an ESE teacher assistant and then later moved into the ranks of a regular education paraprofessional. Along the way she and her husband adopted two wonderful twin baby boys, only further demonstrating the warmth and love she has for all children. Tracy's primary job responsibilities now deal with operating the massive school-wide copier for all staff members and determining the best way to meet the many and varied requests that pour her way daily. It is with great pleasure indeed that we nominate this wonderful employee!