Maria Joiner
Cafeteria Manager
Dixon Intermediate School

With great pride we nominate our Cafeteria Manager. She has had a profound impact on the Food Service program reaching far beyond the walls of our cafeteria. She began her 26 year food service career at an early age; but her exceptional abilities quickly advanced her to management positions.  She emulates the attributes of an effective and admired supervisor.  She initiated a training program to train staff in all positions to assist when needed. She has created an organized, congenial, highly trained staff that works exceptionally well together. She is a genuine team player; recognizing that if not for the co-operation and knowledge of those around her, success could not be achieved.  Her willingness to go above and beyond was reflected during Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina. She orchestrated the feeding of over 12,000 people sheltered at four separate locations. She spent countless hours for people displaced by these devastating storms. Her cheerful and caring disposition affects everyone. She is a positive influence on students and staff. She serves up large portions of caring and love, not just food.  She is active in her community, church, and family.  She volunteers with and Outreach Program, American Red Cross and Salvation Army.