Chuck Welch
Computer Support Supervisor
Data Processing

Chuck is one of the most competent technical craftsmen that has ever worked for Santa Rosa School Board.  During his own time he reads various technical magazines and articles in an effort to keep up with new industry trends and new technology.   He is asked to provide a very broad range of computer support services; he has done a magnificent job in this very challenging environment. 
He cares about his crew and spends time with them while showing them new trouble shooting techniques or illustrating to them how to use new technology.  He never accepts anything less than the very best.  This attitude permeates throughout and makes the entire organization more effective.   He also demonstrates that he cares about his customers when he listens to their problems and takes positive action to find a way to bring about acceptable solutions. 
His performance was outstanding during the District project to transition to the new Active Directory infrastructure.  This very challenging change could not have been accomplished without his initiative and leadership.  His reputation as a hard working, talented technician is widely known and respected by all.