Karen Burch
ESE Teacher Assistant II
Chumuckla Elementary School

School Related Employee:  this may be her title, but it is definitely not her role in the classroom. Her energetic personality contributes to her motivational disposition to arrive early as she begins her day at the bus ramp as students unload. This disposition maintains throughout the day and her plethora of duties. Our nominee is a tremendous asset to the classroom. She demonstrates her abilities by writing daily lesson plans, teaching daily lessons and writing IEP goals and objectives. Educating children with "special" needs takes a "SPECIAL" person and our nominee is that person! She is extremely caring of the students and goes out of her way to make sure that all of their individual needs are met, not only at the educational level, but at the personal level as well. She takes these students "under her wing" and cares for them by being that person they can rely on and trust. Our nominee totally deserves the honor of being School Related Employee of the Year. She is completing her education to become a teacher and a good one she will be. Watch out Santa Rosa County, here comes your next ROOKIE of the YEAR!