Cindy Lawson
Secretary II
Berryhill Administrative Complex

Cindy is a very deserving honoree.  She is hard-working, dedicated to her responsibilities, and loyal to those she serves.  She is dependable and efficient.  She always exhibits a pleasant attitude and professional demeanor.

Cindy assumes responsibilities willingly and often goes beyond what would be considered 'required'.  She quickly accepts and adapts to new ideas and is anxious to learn new techniques that would make her more proficient in her job.  She does whatever it takes to complete a task successfully and takes pride in a 'job well done'. she is very good at problem solving...when a task seems overwhelming, and maybe even impossible, she will keep at it until she reaches successful completion.

In summary, Cindy performs her job with extreme professionalism and efficiency.  She is considered by all to be an asset to our department!