Dean Penton
Warehouse Manager

Letter of Nomination
It is with great pleasure that I submit this letter of recommendation in support of the nomination of our employee as the Santa Rosa County School Board School Related Employee of the Year.

Our Nominee is an employee of the highest character who is extremely dedicated to both this department and to the board. Our nominee possesses the highest degree of ethical standards and has an unsurpassed work ethic.

Our Nominee has touched many lives in the 24 years she has worked with the School System, not only as an employee but also as a friend.  Our Nominee works with all School and Department sites in a constant, kind and friendly manner. Our Nominee helps each Bookkeeper/Secretary to solve any type of delivery problem they may have.   Our Nominee encourages her employees to be part of a compatible working team.  She uses laughter and personal energy to motivate her employees to do their best and make the working environment pleasant.

Our Nominee not only manages to do her specific job, but is always willing to lend a helping hand when there are others in need and it is in her ability to give aid.  Our nominee has encouraged her workers to do more with less, gain knowledge of their jobs and expand their experiences.    As our Nominees job responsibilities have changed through the years our nominee has always shown us all that if there is a job to do there is always a way to get it done.

Our Nominee takes her responsibility seriously and is not afraid of hard work. Our Nominee strives constantly to increase the efficiency of the warehouse, and has maintained an unheard of 100% inventory for the past two years.

Our Nominee is a dedicated Christian, family member, and employee of the School District. 

Administrator’s Letter of Recommendation
Perfection in the workplace is a rare occurrence, however perfection is exactly what our nominee has achieved.  As manager of warehouse operations our nominee was responsible for 100% accuracy in our latest annual inventory.  Such an outcome cannot happen overnight, but is a result of tireless effort maintaining inventory over a complete fiscal year.  This outstanding accomplishment was not a “one year wonder” but a continuation of perfect or near perfect inventories over the past 10 years.

In addition to impeccable inventories, our nominee has displayed the same level of professionalism in all duties assigned.  She makes sure all individual orders are accurate, and immediately takes corrective action if any problems develop.  She is highly regarded by all her co-workers and for good reason; she mothers all those for whom she is responsible, taking a personal interest in their lives.  This results in a highly motivated work team, who also share in her desire to achieve complete accuracy.

Our nominee will be retiring this year following a long and successful career.  While another will be hired to fill her position, she can never be replaced.  She is an “all star” within the Santa Rosa School District and has the highest recommendation possible for the District’s School Related Employee of the Year.