Larry Kellum
Teacher Assistant
Woodlawn Beach Middle

Letter of Nomination
I consider it an honor and pleasure to recommend our school’s nominee for School Related Employee of the Year.  This employee enjoys a high level of admiration at our site from coworkers, students, and parents.  He is always ready for a challenge and meets each challenge with enthusiasm.  He arrives early and stays late.

His skills and dedication are truly exceptional.  As an active member of the PTO and School Advisory Committee, he volunteers his support to our school and to his fellow employees.  His most recent promotion to Student Services, as secretary will only give him the opportunity to shine through his many talents.

Covering the front desk, making copies, fundraising, safety checks on fire extinguishers, driving the school bus for field trips, and cake baking are just a few examples of his many talents.  Cake baking happens to be our favorite.  Homemade double chocolate cake is his specialty.  He is just a great all around guy.  It is certainly a pleasure to work with him.  Our nominee demonstrates what a vital asset he really is.  Our site is one of the best because of his presence.

I recommend this nominee for School Related Employee of the Year unconditionally.  His selfless contributions and leadership employ no one more deserving of this recognition.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our school’s nominee is a true gentleman.  He is noted for his work ethic, character, intelligence, conscientiousness, dependability, high energy, loyalty, dedication, and common sense.  This nominee works diligently, creatively, and proactively in whatever setting he finds himself.  He began as a teacher assistant two years ago and recently moved to secretary position.

While doing ‘lunch duty’ he is ‘all-eye’ noticing trouble spots which need attention—be it an isolated student, a troubled student, or one that seems to have lost money.  He is an integral part of the school’s Safety and Building/Grounds Committee.  The production room and front desk is orderly and efficient due to his efforts.

This employee has handled many emergencies well.  He has alerted the proper authorities when we have had electrical troubles or have maintenance issues.  He volunteers to monitor/chaperone students during school performances and drives our students on occasional field trips.

He was elected to the School Advisory Council and as PTO treasurer.  He is very involved in his church and community.  Overall, this nominee proves to be invaluable wherever he works and should be recognized for his outstanding job performance.