Bruce Daugett

Letter of Nomination
The employee I would like to nominate is responsible for communications with over 250 fellow employees as well as parents and the general public.  At times this person is the school district liaison with the outside world.  To fulfill the duties in such an important area, one has to be a caring and concerned individual.  Many of us here feel our nominee more than fits the description.

To be good at the job, our nominee must be able to juggle many tasks in the air at the same time.  In an emergency situation, this person is the pivot point for all communications. Handling phone calls to outside agencies, making internal notifications, and transmitting instructions by radio is one way our employee manages the job well.  In emergency and bad weather situations our nominee always stays over and finishes the job without being asked.  Remaining calm through out the event, our special person still keeps a smile.

The nominee makes friends easily and is a good listener, as well a giver of advice or help when needed.  This person is always mindful of the task at hand and the safety of the students on board.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
The person nominated as our candidate for Employee of the Year is a dependable, loyal, and exemplary professional.  The nominee has dual loyalties to the department as well as to fellow employees.  Any information management needs to help them make knowledgeable decisions is shared.  Any employee needing help in any way be it personal or work related, receives attention.

Ensuring all bus routes are covered is often stressful. Attempting to make everyone happy and have the routes covered can be a chore. This person is able to do this most of the time and still remain uplifting and friendly.

Many times issues with parents or the community at large are handled satisfactorily by our nominee, eliminating further management involvement.  Taking the initiative to resolve problems is an attribute so many mangers strive to instill in their employees. This employee has years of former experience from which to draw, making him a valuable asset to the company.

The nominee always has a neat appearance and sets a good example for his peers.  Never making anyone feel inferior and helping to build self confidence is a leadership quality of our employee and one of the many reasons we feel they would be the most qualified to be Employee of the Year.