Michelle Shore
Teacher Assistant
Sims Middle School

Letter of Nomination
As I reflect on the events of the past year I am reminded of how blessed I am to work with such dedicated people.  Our nominee certainly tops the list.  In considering the attributes that make her a cut above the rest, I am drawn immediately to her undaunting task of working in a middle school and the proficiency with which she handles it.  Our nominee starts her day monitoring student drop-off or breakfast. She provides materials, such as copies or typing, for her teachers.   Let's don't forget monitoring sixth grade lunch, a task many would like to forget, but she handles it with patience and compassion as she learns the students and special needs they may have.  She fills many shoes as she helps at the front desk, attendance, or even in the clinic.  Her pleasant attitude and knack for perfection make her hard-pressed to follow.  Perhaps one of her most outstanding gifts is using her flare for decorating to enhance our office, various assemblies, and even our Relay For Life booth.   Whatever she does, she does it one hundred percent!  I feel honored to nominate this fellow co-worker and feel she would fill our countywide nomination with integrity.  

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
What can I say?  If it weren’t for our nominee, our school just would not run as smoothly or look as attractive.  She assists in all areas of the school.  She not only demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication as a teacher assistant, but she also covers lunchroom duty every day, and rotates breakfast and parent drop-off duty in the mornings, and helps in the front office when needed.  She coordinates all the decorations and setup during holidays and at various school events.  She also decorated the front office and we still get compliments on how attractive and inviting it looks.  Awards assemblies, club activities, dances, presentations, and staff celebrations are always well decorated and run smoothly because of her initiative, creativity, and the special attention she gives to all the details. 

Our nominee is dependable, trustworthy, considerate, knowledgeable, creative, and helpful.  She has excellent interpersonal skills, as evidenced by the way she works with students, teachers, parents, and staff members.  She goes about her job in a quiet, unassuming manner, yet she has earned the respect and admiration of the faculty and staff.  The students know she is fair and understanding, yet they know she means what she says and they respond well to her.  She is definitely an asset to our school and she possesses all the qualities that represent what we all feel is an outstanding school support staff member.  Her exemplary performance reflects what every school-related employee should aspire to become.  Need I say more?