Faye Simoneau
ESE Teacher Assistant
Rhodes Elementary School

Letter of Nomination
As a thirteen year (veteran) ESE assistant, our candidate instinctively focuses on the individual needs of students, leading all students toward meeting their potential, successfully.

While under this nominee’s guidance, students develop positive self-reliance and confidence to master academic and behavioral goals.  Students know that they can count on my nominee’s support and encouragement consistently throughout their school day.

My nominee’s collaborative efforts working with several teachers (on a variety of grade levels), and staff members, are to be applauded.  Her effortless approach to any given task, far exceed supervisor and peer expectations.  This nominee’s “can-do” attitude reflects her high value system and integrity.  There is no task too complicated or difficult for this nominee.  She stretches above and beyond to educate herself with current inservice techniques and approaches that highly benefit students.  If the end result is to advance students and/or colleagues, my nominee will find a way.  In her quiet-manner, efficient style, she meets every day with optimism and enthusiasm, and every person with kindness and respect.

It is with utmost respect, enthusiasm and pride that I nominate this candidate.  Our community partners, parents, teachers, administrators and peers who have experienced this nominee’s unparalleled dedication to the welfare of all students, would affirm and support my nomination.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Once in a great while if a school is truly blessed, it is fortunate enough to have a person on staff like our nominee for School Related Employee of the Year.  This extraordinary individual started work at our school thirteen years ago as a teacher assistant in the ESE program, bringing with her a natural ability to nurture and connect with children.

The tools and skills she uses to successfully and consistently perform her job responsibilities are also the qualities that make her a rare and special person – her integrity, warmth, compassion, and patience.  Our nominee reaches even the most troubled child with her gentle nature and encouraging style.  She has a calming and soothing effect on children.  Her accepting manner and even disposition make children feel safe and secure in her presence.  Through genuine caring and love, she touches and interacts with each student in a meaningful way.

Our candidate considers her job as teacher assistant to be a serious calling, as well as an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children.  Teachers, who are fortunate enough to work with our nominee, often feel in awe at the level of her devotion to handicapped children. To our nominee, no task is too demeaning or too distasteful when the well-being and care of a child are involved.  Our nominee performs all manner of tasks with a cheerful attitude – typing report cards, listening to children read, doing breakfast duty, assisting with field day, faciliting toileting needs.

It is with confidence and respect that I submit this nominee for the honor of School Related Employee of the Year.  She is an exemplary employee and individual in all ways.  Our nominee is absolutely magical with the children, cooperative with the staff and loyal and dedicated to the Santa Rosa School District and our school.