Cathy Simmons
Pace High School

Letter of Nomination
Faced with the daunting challenges of a high school guidance office, this secretary
manages very well to meet those challenges and at the same time derives much enjoyment from
the often hectic atmosphere. Her love for young people is easily discerned. She is dedicated in
her efforts to help students, treating them as individuals by listening intently to their questions
and concerns with patience, then responding with advice and a smile. She is also courteous and
professional when relating to the parents of our student body, which represents to the community
a quality example of the excellent support staff employed by the Santa Rosa County School System. Her support with her co-workers goes beyond the ordinary. Daily they rely on her sound judgment and fine-tuned ability to make our guidance office flow smoothly and professionally. Strong in her Christian faith, she is quick to offer words of encouragement with a quiet and genuine spirit. The many admirable qualities she possesses have earned her this well deserved recognition.
Our nominee's most distinguishing asset is the way she works with people. She treats an students, staff: faculty, and parents with the same concern and compassion no matter what may be their need. She assists co-workers by keeping them abreast of meetings and information concerning students and is always lending a helping hand Her co-workers describe her as very efficient, organized, working beyond the eight hour day, a great attitude, loved by the students, intuitive and trustworthy. One co-worker says she "the person who pulls m~ through the day." She is the first face a student sees when they enroll and the last face they see when they leave. From start to finish of their time at our school, students know she is the "go to" person. Students seek her assistance with curriculum, college information, and scheduling appointments with teachers and counselors. She takes a personal interest with people. When our nominee was ask what she likes best about her job she says, "those wonderful students and my co-workers." It is with pride and pleasure to nominate such a outstanding and deserving lady for "School Related Employee of the Year".

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
When one enters an office, the first person that is seen sets the tone for the visit.  That is why this person is perfect for her current position. This employee is the epitome of professionalism. She is efficient, effective, prompt, and .possesses great care for the individuals that she serves. She is respected by her colleagues as one of the best in her field.  This employee basically runs the guidance office. Often she can be found at her desk, returning phone calls, adjusting schedules, setting up appointments or filing cumulative folders well beyond the normal workday. She has a special connection with Students. They come just to visit and return years after they graduate just to give her progress reports on their lives. Her professional appearance, presentation, work ethic, and ability to calm volatile situations are just a few of her strengths.

This employee is always cheerful and willing to help anyone in need. She is a quick thinker and makes good decisions on short notice. She has the gift of anticipating needs and attending to business before things happen. Multi-tasking is an all-day function that she handles beautifully. Even in the most stressful times, she remains calm and kind, turning negative situations into manageable ones. Guidance office tasks appear to be handled with ease as she watches over each of her colleagues in a protective, family manner. We all feel fortunate to work with her. She can often be seen at various athletic events supporting her "kids". This employee is loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy. She is very active in her church and has served on numerous church committees. She is a choir member, Sunday school teacher, and works with the teens' program. 

It is indeed an honor and a privilege for me to recommend this outstanding employee as
the "School Related Employee of the Year".