Dee VonAxelson
Teacher Assistant for Technology
Pea Ridge Elementary School

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee’s title is Technical Assistant but she contributes much more than that to our school.

She arrives early each day in order to get two computer labs up and running before beginning her morning duty.  She is also responsible for maintaining all other computers in the school, as well as our website.  She coordinates and lays out the monthly newsletter, and makes digital pictures for all special activities and teacher’s websites.

She is very knowledgeable in her field yet eagerly attends workshops as often as possible.  She also conducts workshops in the summer on her own time for those who are interested.

She goes “above and beyond” in her job responsibilities as well as the extra activities she participates in.

She is the “go to” person when it comes to picking a theme and coordinating the decorating for activities such as Relay for Life and our own School Related Employee Banquet.  She is instrumental in making these events successful in a spectacular way. 

In addition to this, our nominee maintains an extended family household.  She helps care for her grandchildren as well as an elderly mother and aunt.

She works tirelessly on the job and at home.  She maintains such a positive upbeat demeanor.  That is why she should be chosen Santa Rosa County’s School Related Employee of the Year!

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Please accept this letter as a recommendation for our nominee as the Non-instructional Employee of the Year.  This person serves as our technology person and does an outstanding job keeping all   of our computers up and running.  Our nominee shows a great deal of initiative by being a self-starter.  When problems arise, she is quick to find the right solution.  The knowledge she possesses in her area of specialization does not prevent her from seeking to learn more.  The age of technology requires the tech contact at a school to be a constant learner.  Our nominee is not only a fast learner, she is a willing sharer.  She conducts training and update sessions for all employees who want to enhance their technology skills during the summer.

This employee has developed a positive rapport with the children and adults of our school.  She is willing to do everything in her power to help anyone who needs help.  Our nominee is a “team player” who is in favor of what is in the best interest of our children.  She is an asset to the support staff at our school.

I truly believe our nominee is an excellent candidate to be recognized by the selection committee as the School-Related Employee of the Year for our school district.