John Gaines
Navarre High School

Letter of Nomination
It is with great pride and pleasure that we submit the name of our nominee for consideration as School Related Employee of the Year 2002-03.

He serves and contributes above and beyond to our school family.  He has an excellent rapport with faculty and staff members at all levels from administration, to instructional and support personnel.  This devoted employee exhibits a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile when asked.  He more than supervises ESE and ISS students assigned to assist him - he is a role model and mentor to them.

Our nominee always has a smile to offer as he keeps things running smoothly on our campus.  He would make an excellent representative if awarded the well-deserved recognition as Santa Rosa County School Districtís School Related Employee of the Year.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation

Our schoolís nominee is the most positive person on campus.  There is never a job too small or too large for him.  Cheerfully helping every level of employee at our school is just one of the reasons this person deserves the nomination.

Our SREY excels in caring for and getting along with students.  For example, just yesterday I complimented a student on some new shoes he was wearing and the student said our nominee bought them.  On another occasion, an ESE student, who is generally very friendly, came in to the cafeteria and was greeted by several adults.  Instead of responding to the adults who greeted him, he asked where our nominee was.   The student continued to look around and was not satisfied until he located our SREY and then walked directly to him.

Students vie for an opportunity to work with our SREY because he treats them with respect while holding them accountable for a good job.  He continues to be a positive role model for the students, while doing an outstanding job for the school.  Our SREY would make an outstanding district nominee.