Becky Cabaniss
School Bus Driver
Munson Elementary School

Letter of Nomination
We nominated our person because she has done an outstanding job this year and for the past 20 years as a bus driver.  The students that ride her bus are treated fairly and with the respect that little children like to see.  She knows all of her parents well and they all speak highly of her.

Whenever we are short a bus driver because of no substitute, she offers to help with the run.  Whether it is by taking some of the students on her bus or helping to divide the students up between the drivers, she is there to help.

If she happens to walk through the front office and the secretary is busy with something, she does not mind answering the phone, assisting teachers or students.  She is also a valuable volunteer at our school.  She volunteers for the teachers and in the lunchroom.  On our busiest lunch day of the year, Thanksgiving, she is here to help.  She gets off her bus that morning, and goes to the lunchroom.  She helps with the preparation of the meal, serves the plates, washes pots and pans, and cleans the kitchen area. 

I believe that she would represent Santa Rosa County well as the School-Related Employee of the year.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee for School-Related Employee of the Year has been driving a school bus for more than 20 years.  This entire time she has provided valuable service to the students and parents of the Munson Community.

It is evident to those of us who have daily contact with her that she enjoys being with children.  She makes a special effort to get to know the students who ride her bus and to get to know the other members of their families.

Our nominee has stated to us that her goal in dealing with children is to be fair and to treat the children who ride her bus the way she would want her own children treated.  Our observations indicate that she demonstrates consistently her version of the “Golden Rule” as she safely transports and deals with the students who attend Munson Elementary School.

We believe that our nominee serves as a very good representative of all our School-Related Employees, and we are proud to have her as our nominee.