Marcia Killingsworth
Secretary III
Milton High School

Letter of Nomination
The community’s impression of the Santa Rosa County School system is influenced by the initial contact it makes with a school.  Our nominee’s initial contact with the public is what sets her apart from all the other nominees.  The manner in which she assists parents, students, faculty and staff is always helpful, courteous, professional and personable.  As a parent of students at a Santa Rosa County School and a colleague, I have personally witnessed, on a regular basis, her ability to quickly meet the needs of students, parents, faculty and staff while often finding a better solution than the one desired.  Our nominee treats everyone with the same respect and availability.  Each will have her undivided attention and leave with an answer. 

She is always well informed of the events taking place within her local school as well as the Santa Rosa County School System.  She continues to update her own professional knowledge of procedures through in-service training.  She also makes sure the staff and faculty are aware of any training relating to them.

Lastly, her ability to represent authority while at the same time maintain a pleasant manner promotes a positive and healthy relationship among faculty, staff, students and parents.  This positive attitude, in turn, is passed along to the community.  Our nominee is clearly a valuable asset worthy of recognition.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee’s job requires her to know every aspect of the school from personnel to maintenance, and to work with parents and the community.  As the principal, I can say without question that she does her job in an exemplary manner.  She keeps me informed of all issues in the office and around the campus.  It seems that she can read my mind when it comes to what I need to solve problems that have just come to my attention.  She is proactive in doing her job and as a result, many problems are solved before they get to me before or they escalate into even larger issues.

In addition to the responsibilities of her job, she also supervises the reception area and the attendance office where she comes in contact with many students and parents.  Substitute teachers sign in with her, and she is their first point of contact for any problem they encounter.

Our nominee is the one person on campus to whom all employees come to get their questions answered.  Whether you need help with a maintenance need, ordering supplies or just good solid advice, she is the one person most seek out.

She is totally involved with the activities of the school.  She has helped chaperone school dances, attended club events and helped with the cheerleaders.  She also takes tickets at football and basketball games.  These activities give her the opportunity to relate to students in a positive way and help her build a trusting relationship with many.

In conclusion, this nominee exhibits all the attributes of an employee of the year.  She has a strong work ethic, takes the initiative, is loyal to her school and administration, has a great sense of humor, has a friendly disposition and has the trust and respect of all who work with her.  She well deserves this honor and would represent our county well.