Steve Rowell
ESE Teacher Assistant
Jay High School

Letter of Nomination
ur employee has gone above and beyond the required duties of his job.  He is constantly helping the students with their schoolwork. 

For the past 3-½ years he has been willing to do what it takes to make our school one of the best in the county.  He takes pride in all that he does and is ready to help wherever he may be needed.  He also serves as an EMT at the away football games. 

His personality is cheerful and optimistic.  With a smile on his face and a positive attitude, he is ready each day to do what it takes to help our students and his fellow employees.  He has become our “pick me up” person at our school.  When we are not feeling well or sad, he comes through the school to check on everyone that needs cheering up.  He has high morals and has earned respect from the faculty, staff and students. 

Our employee is very active in the community and surrounding communities.  He contributes many hours a week as chief of a local volunteer fire department.  He has been involved with this for many years, and has had numerous hours of training in various areas.

ministrator's Letter of Recommendation
This employee has been assigned to our school for the past three and one-half years.  During this period of time, I have seen him meet all the criteria outlined in the nomination packet for the School Related Employee-of-the-Year.  He meets or excels in each and every area.

I see him as a strong supporter of the goals of our school and our county school system.  He does this my maintaining respect of his colleagues and the students of our school.  You may find him in the classroom assisting students with reading problems, and later on the campus during lunch with lunch duty supervision.  He can be firm in dealing with students, while continuing to be positive in encouraging them to work harder to succeed.

He has volunteered his time above the normal 7½ workday on several occasions to assist in school related activities.  This is because he is totally involved in helping to make our school the very best.  This volunteering has been helping to collect tickets at athletic events, to serving as EMT on teams as they travel to away games.

This gentleman is most assuredly our “Employee-of-the-Year.”  His presence helps our school to better itself daily through his actions and people skills.  I am proud to be able to offer my support to this employee as our county’s School Related Employee-of-the-Year for 2003.