Nancy Daugett
School Helper
Jay Elementary School

Letter of Nomination
We are honored to introduce our School Related Employee of the Year nominee!  She demonstrates loyalty, commitment, enthusiasm, and love for the children and our school. Her day begins at 7:25 with a smile for the children at the bus ramp.  Remembering each child by their first name comes natural because she attended the same elementary school with most of their parents.  She eagerly assists three classrooms of kindergarteners with their morning activities before moving on to Pre-K for outside play.

Our dedicated employee is always ready to answer the call of duty!  Anytime her expertise is needed – she replies, “What can I do to help?” and completes the task with pride, inspiring others to do the same.

Our elementary cafeteria is an adventure that most of us do not experience on a day-to-day basis.  Our “superwoman” can leap from table-to-table tackling milk cartons, Lunchables and Squeezits, all at the same time!  Who said cafeteria duty couldn’t be fun!

Her day ends the same way it begins – with a smile!  Her abilility to motivate, encourage, and assist children is to be admired.  We want to take this opportunity to bestow accolades upon this most valued employee!

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Nancy has served in this capacity since August of 1989.  I’m sure you are aware that these are the folks who are responsible for lunchroom supervision and this job is, by its very nature, extremely stressful.  However, our nominee always approaches her responsibilities with a helpful and caring attitude.  She opens endless containers of milk, juice, ketchup, mustard, etc. and never complains.  She is responsible for the orderly transition of over 500 students in and out of the cafeteria in a time frame of less than two hours.  All of these activities are happening concurrently, so you can appreciate how much of an “adventure” this really is. 

Our nominee is punctual, reliable, and consistent in fulfilling her responsibilities.  She uses good judgment in the performance of her duties and requires little supervision.  She is very considerate, respecting the rights and feelings of others, thereby promoting a positive harmonious atmosphere for all. 

In short, our nominee is an excellent choice for this award.