Kirk Kennedy
T.R. Jackson Pre-K Center

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee’s upbringing is what has converted him to be of good character.  Character is built in a lifetime.  The parent’s of the nominee planted the seed of character.  To trust God, all things are possible.

Our nominee is professional, knowledgeable, understanding and caring as an employee and a person, producing quality job performance, regardless of the workload he seems to manage to remain the same.

He does things that count, but never stops to count them.  What counts is not the number of hours he puts in, but how much he puts into the hours.

He will agree, whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.  Ecclesiastes 9:10a.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
It is my honor and privilege to submit a letter of recommendation for our nominee for T. R. Jackson School-Related Employee of the Year for 2002 – 2003.  He personifies dedication, dependability, and pride!

It is difficult to express through mere words how valuable an asset this individual is to the teachers and staff at T. R. Jackson.  He has served as custodian for 12 years, and during that time he has gone above and beyond the call of duty and his responsibilities.  He can be found at school by 4:30 in the morning, ensuring that the school is clean and ready for the day, and he can be found at school 4:30 in the afternoon taking care of special projects.  The teachers and staff know they can always count on him to move furniture, clean up a mess, organize a storage area, or read a book to the children.  There is nothing he will refuse to help with if it serves the children at T. R. Jackson.

Our nominee is incredibly dependable.  You can often hear him say, “What you see in me is what you get!”  What we get from him every day is a man with a positive attitude and a ready smile.  He loves his job and the children and staff he serves, and they love him.  The children at T. R. Jackson may be under age five, but they all know our custodian.  They are eager to see him and wave hello.  On more than one occasion, he has consoled a child who was having a bad day or talked to a little boy about proper behavior.  He is a terrific role model for not only the children of our school but also the staff.  His presence on our campus makes such a positive difference!

Our nominee is conscientious and proud of the school.  He represents our school district in a very positive light.  He participates in the community as a member of Men with Vision, and volunteers through his organization to assist T. R. Jackson with events like the annual Turkey Trot, a family involvement celebration, and Children’s Day in the Park.  He is also a minister and we rely on him often for his reverent words.

In closing, I hope that our nominee continues to serve at T. R. Jackson for a very long time, for he is an integral part of why our school is successful with our children and families.  He is a widely respected and dedicated employee.  He brings with him each day a love of education, hard work, and children.