Bobby Sample
School Resource Officer
Hobbs Middle School

Letter of Nomination
It is rare to find an individual as dedicated to his on-campus duties as our nominee has been and continues to be.  We consider ourselves fortunate being assigned this incredibly dependable officer.  We can always locate him in times of need and no matter what he is dealing with at the time; he jumps in to help out. Discipline, referrals, lunch duty and chaperoning school activities are just the beginning of extra collateral duties he takes on.

What really makes us feel this individual deserves commendation is the sincere concern and commitment he perpetually shows towards our student body.  He sees them not as mere statistics or source of a paycheck, but instead as people who require care and guidance. Our candidate takes the time to learn about each of them and their unique problems, and he seeks to assist them in whatever capacity he can. From the most casual observation, it quite clear that he succeeds in his endeavors.

Our nominee not only fulfills his specified job description, but he also strives for more. He is an invaluable asset to our team and for more than just his technical job skills. He is a caring individual and most of all he just acts like he likes his job and he cares about our students and staff. He keeps his cool and makes being at school a safe and fun place to be.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee is a gentle but firm soul. He has the patience of Job. He waits for the right moment to interact and when the time is right he doesn’t hesitate. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He performs his responsibilities effectively and takes time to help others with their tasks.

As principal I never thought I would have a staff member in his position do so well and go beyond his area of concern to help others as he does. He helps the custodians, the teachers, other staff members and administration. He councils students, is a strong, positive role model and is honest and firm with them. 

He is well respected by the community and has a high level of visibility. This is advantageous for me and my assistant because he has, many times, first hand knowledge to help in cases that come across our desks.

Our nominee is a can-do-person and is ready, willing and able to do whatever is needed for our school, community, and individuals. He is a conscientious worker, an effective person in his position, and an asset to this community.