Cheryle Davies
Holley Navarre Primary
Child Care Assistant

Letter of Nomination
We should be very proud to have an assistant such as Cheryle Davies on staff at our school. She works tirelessly. Even though she has some health problems, one would never know it by watching the energy she puts into her job. No matter what kind of day she is having, there are never any complaints. She doesn’t slow down from the time she arrives at school until the time she leaves. She always takes the initiative and does things that need to be done without waiting to be told what to do. She is a take-charge person, definitely a leader!

She is very helpful and loving to the students, always putting their feelings first. She is a great disciplinarian but in a caring and loving way. The welfare of her students always comes first.

She works well with parents and is very honest with them concerning their children. She is very tactful when discussing problems with them and also when having to collect fees. She conveys the same caring attitude with parents as she does with her students.

She is very supportive of her peers and never speaks negatively of anyone. She always thinks of others first and will do anything to help anyone. She speaks openly of her love for her school, her job, and her students and it shows in every aspect.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee began substituting in Santa Rosa County schools in 1994.  She began working full-time in 1998.  Her employment experience has been predominately with pre-kindergarten children, families, and staff.  She has worked in our community for two years.

She brings a love for children, and dedication to her job that is uplifting to all who observe.  Children feel the warmth and genuine care she offers them.  She has a patient, gentle, and nurturing spirit that comforts, guides, and meets the physical and emotional needs of the little ones.  The children respect her, and respond well to her caring and loving, yet effective discipline. 

A large part of the pre-kindergarten program is parent involvement.  Parents feel at ease as they do the difficult job of leaving their “babies” at school for the first time because she conveys such a sense of security and assurance that things will be all right.  If she has to inform them of problems with their children, she does so in an empathic, non-threatening way.  Parents know for certain that she cares, and that she wants to help them as well as their child. 

Staff members who share her workspace and responsibilities are confident in her abilities to accomplish above and beyond expectations.  She never complains about or criticizes anyone.  She volunteers for extra tasks, and adds a special flair to assignments that shows there was more than just adequate effort going into the job.  She is a positive influence on all staff, but especially those who are new to our school.  She conveys her beliefs that all are welcome, vital, important, and capable parts of our staff.  A pleasant smile can always be seen on her face to brighten even the most discouraged.   Her peers perceive her as a leader, and look to her for guidance.

In order to instill a love for learning in youngsters, it must be present in all who teach them.  Our nominee also distinguishes herself by eagerly participating in many professional development opportunities, and then adding that knowledge to experience and innate ability.  She is far along in her Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education, and is currently only one class away from having her Childhood Development Associate certification.

Personal strength and character are evident in her attendance history.  Being faced with chronic physical problems, she relies heavily upon her spiritual strength to pull her through.  It is seldom ever her desire to leave work if she is feeling weak.  It is difficult to determine when she is feeling weak because of the energy she puts into her job, and she never complains about anything. Her colleagues occasionally pick up on it, and encourage her to take time to rest.  The only thing she seems to speak openly and freely about is how much she loves her job.