Diane Newsome
Secretary III
Holley Navarre Middle School

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee goes above and beyond the call of duty by her dedication and loyalty to our faculty and staff.  Her positive attitude has impacted our school greatly by her faithfulness and devotion to our school.  Her work is characterized by her steady, earnest, and energetic efforts to all the details of her daily duties.  Her diligent and painstaking attention to details is extraordinary compared to routine every day duties.  Her special service to our school is noticeably unusual and exceptional.  Her exemplary service is an ideal model or example to the other school related employees. Her professional conduct is symbolized in her exemplary demeanor and attire.

We appreciate and are grateful to our nominee for her dedication to our school and district.  We feel that she would be an ideal model or example for all school related employees in our district and therefore feel she would be the best candidate for School - Related Employee of the Year for the Santa Rosa School District.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
It is my pleasure and honor to write a letter recommending our nominee for the District School Related Employee of the Year (2003).  I have known and worked with her since she was first hired to work for the Santa Rosa County School District in February, 1988. I have found her to be the most trustworthy and dedicated employee in the school system. 

 Currently performing as both a Secretary III and a Bookkeeper for our school, she handles both jobs with ease.  So much so, that when one of our other secretaries transferred to a brand new school within our district she e-mailed our nominee and said simply, "You made it look too easy!!!!!!!" 

 Many people don't realize how much work and how important the secretary and/or bookkeeper's work is to the operation of a successful school.  To have a competent, trustworthy and reliable secretary and bookkeeper that can keep accurate records daily and has the capability of efficiently retrieving purchase orders and records from several years ago is extremely valuable.  Our nominee is that person.  She backs up the back up.  We are blessed to have a person of her caliber.

 A person who goes above and beyond for the School District, she served on our School Advisory Council as Non-Instructional Representative for one and one half years (1999-2000 and 2000-01 school years), she serves annually on our School Budget Committee (assisting in the formulation of the school's budget), she has served on the School Safety Committee, she is a past President of the Santa Rosa County Association of Educational Office Personnel, and is currently serving on the (District) Classified Pay Plan Committee.  A volunteer speaker, she shared information about her job duties with our students at the school's Career Day (1998).    In addition, she and her family were volunteer participants in our school grounds beautification project.

A strong believer and advocate of professional development, she has made sure that she and other school related employees keep themselves updated in their job skills by taking in-service workshops and by passing information about the workshops on to others.   As a goal of our School Improvement Plan, she conducted a workshop for our teachers in order in increase their working knowledge of the school's financial transaction procedures.   In addition, she is pursuing a college degree and is currently enrolled in evening courses at Pensacola Junior College.  

I consistently find our nominee to be an invaluable employee that takes her numerous job responsibilities very seriously with total dedication to excellence, efficiency and professionalism.  We are very proud of her leadership, dedication and job performance and look forward to years to come.   I feel that her years of dedicated service, personal qualities and job performance would make her an excellent representative for the Santa Rosa School District - School Related Employee of the Year.

Reception for Diane Newsome for Selection of Finalist for School Related Employee of the Year.