Mary Branning
Secretary II
Gulf Breeze Elementary School

Letter of Nomination
As secretary and “gatekeeper” for a busy elementary school, our nominee certainly qualifies for this prestigious award.  She handles a stressful and vitally important position in the front office with exemplary dedication, leadership, initiative, efficiency, and public relations skills.  She demonstrates high standards of excellence and is indisputably a key team player in our school’s success and in making a very positive difference in our students lives!

Our nominee is highly skilled at accurately, tactfully, and quickly disseminating important information and messages to parents, students, staff, and community members.  Her concern for each student is quite evident in the way she relates with them and knows most of the 680+ students by name.  Her caring touch earns her great respect and admiration within the school and community.

Our nominee has the remarkable ability to multi-task numerous activities all while displaying the proper balance of patience, respect, and humor that often diffuses difficult situations.  Her sharp interpersonal skills provide a positive first impression for anyone visiting the school.

She constantly seeks to grow professionally and welcomes opportunities to learn and utilize new technology to assist her with numerous information sharing tasks.  Our nominee is the “glue” that enables our school to run efficiently and effectively.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of commendation for Mrs. B.  She has served as our lead secretary and receptionist since 1996.  Job performance has been exemplary. Her job is similar to an air traffic controller directing air traffic in the city of Atlanta.  People are arriving and departing constantly, the phone rings incessantly, children need her assistance and of course teachers have just one more question or favor to ask of her.   Mrs. B manages the front with the skill and does it with a smile. She is accurate and efficient with record keeping, messages, telephone calls, and managing people. Many times she is called upon to make a decision that reflects the principal’s judgment and she is skilled with her leadership qualities. She has instant recall of all telephone extensions at our school and county level.(  try that for memory power).

Her interpersonal skills afford her the natural ability to handle situations with diplomacy involving parents, teachers and students. She meets and greets happy, sad, elated and disgruntled people in person and on the phone all day long and she has wonderful public relation skills to meet such demands with humor and control. I have seen her diffuse an anxious parent or brag on a student for doing better in school.  She knows the children by name…all 700 of them.

Mrs. B has initiative and commitment for two people. It is not unusual to find her here late in the day and on the weekends.  Work goes home with her and she never draws attention to her extra hours or work demands. She has organized many timesaving procedures that our entire office staff has implemented. Mrs. B has adaptability as she will gladly fill in for a teacher assistant, lunchroom duty, work on the computer or even referee a baseball game for the students. 

She has attended inservice training to continue her education and professional growth.  Mrs. B. is willing to tackle any project and loves a challenge.  We have used her input on how to save time and money in the office, as she is very cost conscious and resourceful. Being a self-starter and dependable are qualities that are a must in her role.  I am always able to count on her as she represents the principal’s attitudes to all who come to the school. Her first impression to them with her professional dress and demeanor set the tone for the home school interaction.

I asked her what she likes best about her job. “The children are my love and how I can help them is my goal each day.  I always tell them when they register if they ever get lost or need help, just come and see me at the front desk.” Our candidate works at the hub of the school making sure we are safe, organized and offering services to staff and parents.

She is well qualified for this prestigious honor and I wish every principal had the privilege of having this quality of employee on his or her staff.