Dianne Brooks
Area Supervisor
Food Service

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee is a very loyal and dedicated employee who will go the extra mile to make what she does perfect. Even at the last minute she can put together a well-organized catering event.  When it is called for she will get up as early as 3 AM to ensure that breakfast is served at its appropriate time.

She is very neat and professional in her appearance and takes great pride in her work. She is in charge of the Safety program in our department for all SRC schools. She is active in the Food Service Association activities including our Relay for Life team.

She is an Area Supervisor responsible for the day to day operations of 28 schools. She has a great rapport with everyone in the School District and has satisfied many a hungry stomach with her delicious Scrumptions. When her Director is away she uses her knowledge and experience to address any problems that may arise.

She is a very capable and knowledgeable employee who is always willing to help others when they are in need even outside our District.     She is a wonderful fellow employee who really cares about her family and those around her. She is quite simply the best at what she does.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee for the School Related Employee of the Year is without a doubt a very loyal and dedicated member of the Santa Rosa County school system and community.  This well-rounded and versatile nominee devotes much time to community involvement, safety awareness, and the school district.

Our nominee excels in the area of community involvement and awareness.  Her instrumental service to the community led her to organize a food drive to benefit the less fortunate in her community.  The food drive was no easy task.  Our nominee with fellow co-workers spent many hours coordinating and promoting this project.  Our nominee’s charitable personality influenced many to give and as a result she was able to collect 3000 pounds of food for the Manna Food Bank. Such acts of kindness clearly demonstrate the compassion and loyalty she has towards the welfare of her community and its people.

Another way our nominee dedicates time to her community and work place is through the Food Service Association.  Our nominee has given 5 years of service and involvement to this organization.  Through this organization she is able to give back to her community and fellow co-workers.  Our nominee has served as secretary of this organization for the past two years.  Our nominee is avidly involved in an annual activity of the Food Service Association and community, Relay for Life.  She dedicates many hours to help with fundraisers and activities to promote Relay for Life.  Relay for Life is just one more way in which our nominee gives back to her community.  As a board member for the Food Service Association she is responsible for promoting welfare and morale for her fellow colleagues.  One way in which she does this is by the Employee of the month program.  Our nominee is the head of this program and takes great pride in this award and the impact it has on the workplace.

Safety Awareness in the workplace is an important issue to our nominee as well as our school district.  As Safety Coordinator, for over 175 employees, this nominee goes above and beyond the call of duty.  For the last 5 years, as Coordinator, our nominee has been very dedicated as well as innovative in her fight for a safer work environment.  Our nominee holds monthly safety meetings, in-service safety training, and promotes safety through informative safety boards at each school site.  Throughout her reign as safety coordinator she has successfully decreased the amount of accidents and has increased the amount of safety awareness in the workplace.  This is not an easy task to accomplish and withhold.  She is able to accomplish this and keep it going through her innovative safety programs and ideas.  Just recently she has implemented programs such as “shoes for crews” and safety incentive cash awards given to accident free employees. 

Catering is another area in which our nominee serves our community.  There is no event too big or too small that our nominee can’t master.  Each event is treated as if it is her most important.  There could be three different events in one day and you would never know.  Each event has the best quality and presentation that she can create because our nominee values the satisfaction of the customer.  This nominee goes the extra mile to reach perfection.  This may mean getting up at 3 a.m. to prepare and staying late hours to ensure that the event is properly completed.  Her work never goes unnoticed; there is always a positive comment or correspondence about her work from those who are involved.

In conclusion, with all that has been said above, it is easy to see why our nominee has been chosen as our School Related Employee of the year.  Her undying loyalty and dedication to the district and community is second to none.

Reception for Dianne Brooks for Selection of Finalist for School Related Employee of the Year.